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Task Planner Software for Setting and Achieving Goals

Task Planner Software for Setting and Achieving Goals
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It can be difficult to do your tasks wisely if you don't make a winning action plan beforehand. Task planning involves you in formulation of a detailed course of action to achieve optimum use of resources required for completing your goals. With help of task planner software you can map out and schedule your activities beforehand, according to your priorities, workload and available resources.

Plan Your Goals and Objectives

Effective task planning starts with identifying right goals. By definition, a goal specifies an observable and desirable end result achieved within a fixed time frame. As goals usually represent larger achievements they are divided into smaller objectives so that it becomes easier to measure and track performance. For example, the goal "Make report" is easier to achieve and manage when it is specified with these objectives "Collect material", "Write content", "Correct mistakes". Basically, the principle of breaking down larger initiatives into smaller ones works fine in planning of any kind of achievements.

Hierarchy-based Approach to Task Planning

So when you begin to plan your tasks, first you need to figure out what final result (goal) you want to achieve by doing the tasks and what time you can dedicate to this result. Then you can break down your goal into smaller achievements, and each one needs to be scheduled and limited by time. In task planner software you can plan and schedule activities with ease. VIP Task Manager allows you to represent your larger goals as top levels in the Task Tree view and each level is divided into multiple sub-levels or groups that form a work breakdown structure. In this hierarchy you can create tasks and set due dates for them. As the software promotes a hierarchy-based planning approach it helps you plan entire projects, schedule deadlines and create work breakdowns. The interface lets expand and collapse project trees to easily switch between multiple levels.

Plan Your Goals and Objectives

Formulate Strategies for Goal Achievement

Basically, strategies determine methods to be employed in bringing about desired goals and objectives. When you formulate a winning strategy for goal achievement, you need to think about possible ways that let you make desired achievements on time. You must also determine the most effective and efficient method of using your resources.

Priorities and Schedules

Prioritization lets you formulate a plan and sequence its items in a way that that best fits your strategic expectations. Scheduling allows you to put the priorities of your plan on timeline. Both tools are ease to implement with help of task planner. For example, VIP Task Manager lets you mark the most pressing and immediate tasks as "Urgent" and "Highest". Less important and non-preferred items can be ranked by the "Lowest" priority level. The Calendar tool of the software lets you schedule prioritized activities and display them on the daily/weekly/monthly view.

Formulate Strategies for Goal Achievement with Priorities and Schedules

Estimate Required Resources

Resource estimation involves in understanding the types and amounts of resources required for completing given tasks. By creating an estimate of resource requirements you determine the amount of cost, time, labor and other resources necessary for your strategy. The estimation process also contributes to identifying planning models and relationships between the resources. Resource leveling, WBS, Limited Scheduling, Lessons learned analysis, Conditional simulation are several examples of methods that help plan and estimate resources.

Attachments, Notes and Custom Fields

The findings of your resource planning research need to be stored and related to your tasks. Task planner software lets solve this issue. In VIP Task Manager you can use the Attachment panel to enclose files and hyperlinks to your tasks and groups. The Notes tab lets you add text information. The Custom Fields capability of the program allows you to create user-defined fields to add particular resource-related characteristics and values to your tasks and groups.

Estimate Required Resources

Reap the Benefits of Task Planner Software

VIP Task Manager Pro is available for free downloading, so you can start using this package now and evaluate its functionality for free during 30 days. All the benefits of conventional task planner are available in this program. In addition, VIP Task Manager provides some extra features that help you plan goals and do your tasks on time. Reminders, notifications, task emailing, reports, graphs, todo list view, data sharing, user permissions, remote access, recurrence all together create a single solution that keep you satisfied with your productivity and workflow.

By using the Professional edition of VIP Task Manager you can reap these benefits:

  • Keep all of your information in a single database
  • Set right goals and expectations
  • Break down larger goals into smaller objectives and tasks
  • Plan and manage projects
  • Add resource estimation data to tasks
  • Create custom fields and custom workflows
  • Make schedules and agendas
Reap the Benefits of Task Planner Software

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