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Solutions for Industries

Solutions for Industries
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How to improve your company productivity
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How to improve your company productivity  with VIP Task Manager Professional
  1. Advertising agency solution
  2. Building company solution
  3. Engineering company
  4. IT-company solution
  5. Real estate agency solution
  6. Software development company solution
  7. Training agency solution
  8. Translation agency solution
  9. Transportation company solution
  10. Travel Agency Solution
  11. Human resources Solution
  12. Insurance agency
  13. Law Firm solution
  14. Telecommunications industry
  15. Media organization solution

The success of an advertising agency depends greatly on the collaboration between creative team, account managers and production department. Such a level of collaboration can be achieved by using a software system which turns advertising staff into a team. Learn more ...

Construction business requires employees from various departments to work together over building projects and the result of these projects depends on collaboration among office employees as well. Learn more ...

Engineering company is an organization that specializes in providing engineering services. Such a company is capable to render services simultaneously in several areas and to involve various suppliers of equipment and different contractors in fulfillment of works. Large engineering companies can simultaneously execute a considerable quantity of projects in different parts of the world. . Learn more

Today many companies that represent small and medium business prefer to benefit from IT-outsourcing. That means that such companies prefer to order turnkey solutions and IT-support from special IT-companies. IT-company provides their clients with computer hardware and software support and maintenance and offers various technological turnkey solutions that ensure successful business activity of client-companies. Learn more

When realtors, appraisers and managers work as a single team they can do more for the real estate agency clients. Find out how to make the real estate agency management efficient and real estate agency staff well-organized by using VIP Task Manager. Learn more ...

Many software development companies prefer using task management software produced by another company rather than developing their own tool because development of well-designed and easy-to-use program requires significant time and resources. How to avoid the lack of coordination and release the software products of high quality with minimal resources in software development industry? Learn more.

Training agencies are involved in mentoring, training, couching and development of staff members of various companies. Today such agencies are in great demand and allow their customers to make long-term investment in professionalism of the employees. Learn more

Translation agency (also called as translation bureau or translation company) specializes on providing interpretation and translation services. The agency helps its clients to turn any materials into foreign languages starting from private correspondence to software localization and web site translation.

The best way for the transportation company to organize its business process and personnel is to apply software that would allow to control task performance efficiently. VIP Task Manager is a software program designed to improve team collaboration and company management. Learn more how to use this tool effectively within your transportation company:

The business environment of travel agencies is increasingly complex and requires for a comprehensive solution. Because of communication barriers, poor collaboration and management, procrastinations, not clear and incorrect business objectives, travel agencies, more than ever, need a powerful and effective tool to face with negative impacts and market challenges. VIP Task Manager offers solution for travel agencies allowing them to differentiate their services, enhance sales as well as productivity. Learn more

Human resources (HR) companies provide other companies with various services which help them to manage their personnel efficiently. Many of employers need to concentrate on running their business and do not want to spend much valuable time and energy on organizing internal HR department within their companies, so they outsource handling most part of administrative tasks related with their personnel to special HR-companies. Learn more

Insurance agency sells insurance services provided by insurance companies. Insurance firm can provide certain types of insurance or a complex coverage. There are various types of insurance which can be provided to clients, including individuals and organizations. Learn more

There are a lot of various business fields where help of legal experts is very needful and where legal firms perform their activities. Law firms can advice regarding the following questions: business formation, commercial transactions and contracts, business plans and proposals, disputes and litigation, asset protection strategies, tax audits and appeals, tax planning and many others Learn more

An increase in demand for rich media assets, implementation of new standards and changes in technological needs all together force media companies and organizations to deliver media products to the market quicker and more efficiently than ever. Today media organizations continue becoming increasingly complicated, and that's why they require software solutions that could help maximize their potential, simplify management, and keep abreast of the times. Such software can be based on principles and methods of task management that tends to be a powerful solution to manage tasks, design business schedules, control workforce, streamline media production workflows, and organize media projects. VIP Task Manager is exactly what media companies can use to implement an efficient task management solution. Learn more

Telecommunications include voice, video, and Internet services. This industry is characterized by increasing demand for telecommunication services along with rapid technological changes. For company that is involved into telecommunication industry it is necessary to stay always on top of technological progress as well as to provide attractive marketing proposition. Learn more

We are working on extending the list of specific solutions, so if you can't find the one you need, please feel free to contact us.

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