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What is Client/Server Software (With Best Examples)

What is Client/Server Software (With Best Examples)
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What Is Client/Server?

Client-server (C/S) or "two-tier" architecture (in comparison with a peer-to-peer architecture) has two separate types of nodes on the network: servers, that store information and clients, that send requests for information to servers. Usually, but not always, a client computer and a server computer are two separate devices. A server computer contains large amounts of memory and disk space, while client computers features graphic user interface to support the display of data stored on server. There are many different types of client/server software however their basic architecture remains the same.

Client/Server Benefits

Client/server approach to networking has proven to be a cost-effective way to share data between tens or hundreds of computers. Considering the client/server computing in terms of a manager-employee relationship, the following list outlines some of the benefits and drawbacks of client/server solutions.

Centralized Information Storage.

The server stores the data and coordinates the access to information and its modification. This helps to keep the data consistent and up-to-date, even when multiple users/clients are working with it simultaneously.


Managers or team leaders have more information, experience and knowledge about the company and day-to-day operations. Their deep understanding of the business processes, priorities, strategy, goals, and important tasks allows them to easily share information as needed and delegate work to their employees.


The employees or team members may have less knowledge and experience or their vision of the strategy and goals is far from clear. By using client/server software they have more focused tasks and also they might get a clear picture of company strategy if their team leaders provide them with access to such information.


This is the essential aspect of how client/server computing works. It lets the manager plan, assign and notify the team members of their tasks. Once finished with their work, employees report the results back to the manager for verification.


Very often the database is securely locked away from unauthorized access and its data is denied 'view' and/or 'edit' permission, that prevents violations from outside and inside the office.

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VIP Client/Server Software

CentriQS provides business management solutions empowered by client-server data exchange. This software enables businesses to keep all their data in one centralized database which can be customized and tailored according to their needs. Customer records, account history, documents, projects, tasks, campaigns, and other business data can be safely stored, updated, and retrieved when required. CentriQS is best to manage business activities, enable user collaboration, and generate analytics for better decision making.

VIP Task Manager is a client/server application for group task management and collaboration. It uses Firebird database management system that allows any PC in your Local Network to function as both client and server, so you don't need a dedicated server in your LAN. You can install server or client&server part on your server computer or any PC in the office to keep the common database with company tasks there, while other computers require client installation only.


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